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This website has several different services to offer.



The first service is for people and families looking for respite from the Japan disaster of 2011


It offers families a chance to come to Canada for a short or long term stay (from 1 week up to 6 months). This is being offered to help relieve some of the effects of the disaster which occurred early in 2011. People can come to Canada and stay at one of the families homes (both English and Japanese speaking families) in our network across Ontario.


We will be coordinating this network and try to find the best homestay for you and your family. We will be helping and supporting you and your family as well as your host family while you are here. 


If you are looking for this service or would like to belong to our network and host a family from Japan please go to the Respite portion of our site.


The reason the respite service is on the same site as the International Homestay for students, English Lessons and Immigrant Services is because we didnít want to incur any more costs than we had to (the is not for profit) so we just attached the information to an already existing site. Since we are the main coordinators for the family respite we thought we should use our site.


The rest of the services are for International Student Homestays, English Lessons and Immigrant Services. This is for students wanting a short or long term Homestays and/or English lessons or those immigrants who are looking for assistance.